#202: First Lines of First Impossible Crimes – The Answers!

If you still wish to pit your wits against my “From which novel is this the first line?” quiz of debut impossibilties, do not click to read more as the answers are below.  But you probably figured that from the title of the post, eh?  All the detective fiction is rubbing off on you…

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#198: The Tuesday Night Bloggers – The First Lines of First Impossible Crimes…


The ab ovo examination of my reading in these Tuesday Night Bloggers posts over the last few weeks has been very enjoyable, but let’s move on to something else for the end of the month: you’re tired, it’s doubtless dark and/or cold outside if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, and now you’re even more miserable thinking about the wall-to-wall sunshine and free drinks doubtless being doled out in the Southern Hemisphere.  And the last thing you really want is me being all uncouth about stuff and my life and things.

So, for distraction, a quiz!

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#153: The Tuesday Night Bloggers – Five to Try…But What’s the Theme?


In what might actually be the first time I’ve contributed to a full month of TNB posts — woo! Mr. Commitment! — I thought I’d finish off with my first Five to Try in a little while on the subject of Crime in Costume.  But, this being a blog about detective fiction, I thought I’d leave it up to you to deduce the theme inside of this framing which links all these books together.

The first person to correctly work it out gets…a prize of some sort.  Tell you what, they’ll win a pre-publication copy of Ye Olde Book of Locked Room Conundrums, personally emailed to them by me.  So as, y’know, to save them waiting an extra three or four days and having to click on a link to download it themselves.  I know, I know, I’m too kind.  Tell you what — to make it nice and unique, I’ll even add a bit to the introduction about how this was won in a competition on the blog.  That makes it a bit more special, eh?

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